Let me tell you something about me.My name is Prabhanshu, a professional blogger, digital marketer, SEO Expert.I am based in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh,India. I completed my graduation in Law from Agra University, but my passion and self-discovery made me to move in this direction.

While i was doing my graduation in Law, i also worked in some of the reputed CA firms and Law firms. While working in legal sector, i was not satisfied with the kind of work i was doing. I was not able to make impact in people’s life, neither I was able to do something creative.


When I was working in legal sector, I used to research about businesses as I am very curious about knowing and learning new things. During this time tried many things like Stock market investment, Financial Consultancy business.My aim was not just making money but i wanted to grow intellectually, financially.I intended to evolve and learn new skills and explore all possibilities. 

I came across a word at that time “DIGITAL MARKETING”. Initially, I didn’t paid much attention, I thought to be hardcore technical and declared to myself that “ITS NOT MY CUP OF TEA”. But destiny had a different plan, it brought this word in front of my eyes, in my ears and in my attention many times. 



A very fine day I started my research about “DIGITAL MARKETING”. Even normally I am very much addicted to social media platforms like FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM but that was counter-productive and I was wasting a lot of time but thinking of making it my career was so fascinating. But take that in mind “Everything which shines is not Gold”.

About Me

Initially when I got deep into my research, I get to know that it’s not that easy, but my passion for doing something creative was compelling me to go deep into it.So I did more research and came to know terms like SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, BLOGGING, AFFILIATE MARKETING.

At initial stage I got confused, but I kept on doing my research and thought that One day this confusion will be cleared. It happened so. I decided to start a blog and purchased  domain and hosting from GODADDY.COM


After deciding of starting a blog, the question was “WHAT TO DO TO START A BLOG”. In my research, I found that domain and hosting are two things which you need in case you want to make yourself visible on Google.

I purchased domain and hosting from one of most reputed vendor Godaddy. And one thing I would say that I am totally satisfied with my decision as GoDaddy has one of the best customer support service. 

They provide you aid in any problem related to Domain, hosting or any service they provide. You could troubleshoot any problem with the help of their customer support without wasting single penny on external professional services.

At that time, I didn’t had any special technical knowledge of computers. I just had basic understanding about MS-OFFICE and some other basic understanding of computers. Event though, I took risk as I was curious and passionate about learning these things.

 I was also thinking that I might require some professional degree or certificate courses of technical background to establish myself in this field of DIGITAL MARKETING.

 But as I learned more thing and went deep into the subject, I understood one thing that any sort of technical knowledge of computers or any background of specialized studies of computers is not necessary to ace in digital marketing. Neither is required any course of digital marketing as I learnt whatever I know at this time totally from YouTube videos and blog of the subject-matter expert.



During this period of one year, I learned many things about both personal and professional life. I am listing some of these learning below-

  1. Keep “PEOPLE OVER ANYTHING”. No matter what but everything starts with people and ends with people, So don’t keep money, success, materialistic achievements or anything over people. People will bring you opportunities, People will bring you profits, People will take you to the heights which you are aiming to achieve.
  2. “THINGS HAPPEN”, sometimes we assume that even if we try things will not happen or we will fail in our attempts. We don’t make proposals, we don’t mail to people for opportunities, we don’t start YouTube channel, we don’t shoot videos, we don’t write content. Believe me “THINGS HAPPEN” when you initiate.
  3. “THERE ARE LOTS OF CAREER OPPORTUNITIES OUTSIDE TRADITIONAL CAREERS”. Blogging, Digital marketing, Stock Market, Content Writing are some of these. For these you don’t need any specialized knowledge.
  4. “YOU WILL FACE PROBLEMS EVERYWHERE, YOU HAVE TO BE A TROUBLESHOOTER”. Problems lies everywhere. Even if something interests you, it doesn’t mean you won’t face any adverse situation in that. So be ready for problems. 
  5. “ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN”. I started my blog in October 2019, but on 3rd July 2020, I lost all my blog data due to my mistake. I had no one to blame for the mistake but myself. My worst mistake was that I didn’t take backup of my website data. I was disappointed, but remember these are just examination which life takes, you just have to have the right responses to the questions of life. I decided to start everything from Zero.
  6. “PUT IN TIME TO GET WHAT YOU WANT”. It won’t happen in one day, It will take time. Have patience. You will achieve it one day. Just put in time.



If I talk about my personal life then I would say one thing that I keep “PEOPLE OVER ANYTHING” and I would always abide by this. I consider this world as a “BIG FAMILY” and wish to leave a legacy after me. Being selfish is being cruel to yourself and your soul. I love keep myself fit and get involve in physical activity of any kind. I love to read book as it help me to draw different perspective which ultimately help me to create content.

My favorite book is “48 LAWS OF POWER” by Robert Greene as it has very logical suggestions to be applied in real life. Right now I am reading “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE” by Daniel Goleman

Let me tell you about my family. There are total five members in my family including me, my parents and two younger sisters. My father works for Police Department. Let me show you some of my personal pictures.