What is personality?

Most people think that personality is only the outer appearance a person has, it means that they think only the external looks of a person is his personality. But in the true sense, a personality is something more than that, the base of a particular personality is depicted by the way that person thinks about himself, how he tackles a particular situation, and his actions and behavior towards other people. A personality is an aggregate of the mental and physical aspects of a person.

Types of personality

Basically there are two types of personality, depending upon the thought pattern

Negative Personality and positive personality.

But it is important to mention here that no personality is completely negative or completely positive. Even the most negative personality has some positive traits to offer and vice-versa.

Tips to improve personality

Develop self-Understanding- Understanding is the key to improve your personality. The base of your personality is understanding which comes from within, so understand yourself first. No one knows you better than yourself. So the first step to develop your personality is to  Understand your personality type and your basic nature, your likes and dislikes, what you love and what you don’t. self-understanding will help you In your journey of self-improvement.

Reprogramme your mind-  Once you start understanding your thought pattern, just bring every thought of yours about anything and everything to zero in your mind. To achieve this state, you can visit a hill station or a beach city or even a park in your city ( should be a peaceful place). In this state, your mind should be calm and peaceful. So Bring everything in your mind to zero.

Back to the Basics  –  The solution is Back to the Basics. This is the extension of the last step. In this you have to return to the thought process of your childhood ( Although you don’t have to act or behave like a child, you just have to start thinking like a child). You have to feel the fearlessness of a child, you have to start being playful like a child without having any fear of being judged. You have feel love in the same way as a child feel. You have to be completely innocent without having any feeling of hate, greed jealousy, lust of any kind. You don’t have to be mature (at least at the level of the mind).

Understand your thought pattern- Be conscious of your thoughts irrespective of their nature. You can not let your negative thoughts ruin your life and when a negative thought comes in your mind you should be conscious of the fact  that it is a negative thought. If you are not even aware about your thought you can not change them according to your need.

Forget Your Past-Try to draw out positive from every experience. Even the worst of your experiences have something in positive to contribute in your personality, at least you can learn a lesson and not to do the same mistake again. Just take lessons from your past and enjoy the present moment.

Don’t worry about the future– If you worry very much about the future then it might have a bad impact on your personality and it might be affected negatively. You just have to take care of your present moment and it will automatically take care of your future.

Understand the difference between solitude and loneliness– You have to be equally comfortable with people and without people. You have to take out sometime for yourself and just spend that time alone at a peaceful place, but you have to make it sure that you don’t have any internal conflicts in your mind during that me time because that would lead you to loneliness not solitude.

Understand what is happiness– You should understand the happiness in it’s true sense. Materialistic things, people and achievements can’t make you happy, rather you should focus inside you and try to find happiness which is causeless and has nothing to do with materialism. For this state to achieve you need to develop some basic understanding of spiritualism.

Change your negative feelings– Don’t have feeling like jealousy, hate, anger. You have to understand that these feeling in most cases won’t the person for whom you are having these feeling but they only affect you in negative way. These feeling increase cortisol level in your body which is a stress hormone and as a result it will affect your personality. So try to eliminate these feelings as soon as you can from your life. This change will also boost your self-esteem and you will feel good about yourself.

Understand other person’s point of view- if you think it’s always about you and you don’t care about others then it reflects that you are a self-centered person and being self-centered won’t make you happy which would affect your personality in a negative way.

Be kind and humble to everyone– You have to be kind and humble to everyone irrespective of their status other factors. Even if someone is not being kind to you, you have to behave kindly and be humble to feel good about yourself and this feeling will bring about a positive change in your personality.


Stop overthinking and Keep busy – The best way to stop overthinking and negative thinking is to keep busy in something which is productive. Keeping yourself busy will improve the quality of your thoughts and at the same time it will add value to your life and personality.

Strike the balance– “Balance is the Key”. You need to learn the art of balancing things and the balance is not just about some particular thing, you need to take the art of balancing things holistically, whether it be balancing in your personal life and professional life, relationships, ethics, morality, relationship or anything for that matter. You need to avoid extremes of any kind.

Money Factor– Earn something and fulfill your basic needs, be financially independent. When you are financially independent, it develops a kind of confidence, which enhances your personality. You should have a philosophy for money. You can’t say money is everything and also you can’t say money has no role to play in your life. You have to understand and ask yourself “what role money has to play in your life” and on the other hand you have to understand that you should not be greedy or have lust for money. Money should not come in your life through illegal means and you should develop a balanced money management mechanism to fulfill your needs and desires. You should also focus on financial planning for safe future and emergencies.

Power of New habits– You also have to understand your habits and find out what is wrong about them.   There would be some bad habits and good habits. You have to break your bad habits and develop some new habits. When you start a new habit, it is like coming out of your comfort zone. At first you will not like it for some time but as the time goes on, you will love it and it will change your life productively and positively. So in this case meet new people, develop new habits, travel, try out new things even if people are making fun of you, and develop hobbies which are productive.

Start observing and be a good listener– Observation is a silent state of learning in which you don’t have to take any action to grasp knowledge. You just have to stay silent and observe. Listening is another part of the same process which helps you to understand other person and his/her point of view.

Self-control– Have some self-control in handling your emotions, your food habits, don’t behave and act as per your emotions and feelings without being conscious of them. Eat food to feed your stomach not your mind, you all know “A healthy mind stays in healthy body”

Start exercising– Exercise is the most vital personality enhancement tool to get your desired personality not just internally but externally too. You not only have to exercise for your body only, you mind too need equal attention. For this you can try meditation, weight training, resistance training, free-hand exercises, sports and some mind exercises like studying books, solving cross-word puzzles etc.


 The basic thing you need to do to develop your personality is to change your negative attitude and make it positive for better outcomes. You need to change your perspective on “How You think about yourself, what you think about yourself, how you see situations and people in your life and how you deal with such situations and people. In short, at the initial steps you just need to understand things and change your thinking about them and it will change your life.

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