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In the last part of the personality development series, I talked about how to change your inner world to improve your personality (Link- How to improve your inner personality?).  Here, we are going to discuss what physical and tangible changes we can make to get people influenced by our persona. To change the physical aspect of our personality, first, we should be correcting the inner chaos which occupies our mind. I hope you must have gone through that article and then came to this, it will help you better this way. So let’s start

Benefits of having an amazing personality

Although having a good mindset is the base of your confidence. But how you look from outside also plays a vital role in your confidence and personality. Suppose one day you are wearing a shirt which doesn’t match with your pants, it is not ironed. Your pants are torn, your shoes are not polished, and your hygiene is also not good. Then I am sure you won’t feel much confident at a public place or while dealing with people.

On the other day, if you are well dressed on a particular day with polished shoes and proper hygiene. These things will shoot your confidence to the next level.

Many people say that someone’s inner personality is far more important than his outer appearance. I also think the same way. But why not use your good appearance as a tool to bring people in your favor or manipulate them in a positive way. Beautiful things release dopamine hormone in the body of the person and thus make them feel good. So why not use your good looks, your improved dressing sense, fashion sense in your favor to attract people.

Tips to improve personality

Your appearance matters a lot

Look Good The first and the very basic principle of having an approachable personality is to “Look Good”. Having an eye-catching and appealing appearance is a combination of many things. You have to pay attention to every detail of your looks from formal clothing to casual wear, you have to take care of many things. Also, remember you have to look good but don’t be too conscious about your looks, it will make you look nervous. Don’t worry about getting judged by the people.

You have to develop your fashion sense. It is not about one thing but it is a holistic approach to improve your dressing. At first, you should understand the color matching, secondly, you need to learn to dress according to the occasion. Thirdly your clothes should not look repetitive. Fourth you should buy such clothes which stay in fashion for a long time. To sum up, in one line you should be learning some basics of fashion.

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Take Care of your Personal Hygiene– Sometimes it happens that your body odor makes people near you uncomfortable. Women are highly sensitive to body odor and they can feel it and it might make them uncomfortable. So it’s for all the boys out there, take care of “how you smell on your date with your woman”.

 To smell good, take bath properly with good quality soap. You should be using some good quality deodorant or perfume. Try some herbal deodorant which at the same time doesn’t harm your skin. You should also try avoiding some foods like onion, garlic, etc. which stimulate your body odor.

Meditation, Exercises, and diet- This is the most important part of looking good and having a great personality. Meditation makes you feel good from inside and that good feeling also reflects on your outer appearance. So you can start meditation with simple “Pranayams” and then can move to advance meditation.

how to imorove your personality- prabhanshu

People say you should exercise at least 20 minutes a day. But I would say you start exercising according to your physical condition and consult your doctor before starting. You can do anything like yoga, running, dance, sports like cricket, badminton, football, etc. But I would suggest most people to join a gym. Start weight training as it is less time-consuming. It develops your body in a structure giving every part of your body a proper shape and size. Also, it releases dopamine- a feel-good hormone, which removes your stress and makes you feel good about yourself.

Exercise is not enough to get a good body or personality; you should complement your exercise with a healthy diet. Acquire knowledge about micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients( at least basic knowledge). Avoid junk food. Include veggies and those foods in your diet which have a balanced amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals. Also, remember to keep yourself hydrated all day.

Communication skills enhance your personality

Work on your communication skills– Your communication skills define your personality to other people. So you should take steps to improve your communication skills. Communication skills not only include verbal communication but also non-verbal communication. Learn how to approach new people and be friends with them. Learn to hold conversations with people and make them interesting with your charm, wits, and sense of humor. You should have a command and fluency in languages you know.

Ask open-ended questions so that you can hold a conversation for a long time. Open-ended questions are those which don’t have answers in one word and close-ended questions are those which have one-word answers. Involve in people as much as you can and develop a talking and communication style of your own.

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Improve your body language– To make your impression on people you should also work on your body language. Your body language is part of the Non-Verbal communication which you make with other people before opening verbal communication. Sometimes, body language is the only thing that you can use to make your first impression on the other person. Bad body language may hamper your chances of a good impression on someone, so you should try to improve your body language.

You should have open body language while talking to someone. Don’t fold your arms, have proper eye contact (but don’t stare, balance is the key). Have your hands at sides hanging near your thighs. Use your moving hand to make your point understand to other people, make sure your palms face the person. You shouldn’t fold your legs. You should also take care of your body posture. If there is something to be corrected in your posture then you should do that with the help of exercises.

Sense of humor– Don’t take yourself too seriously and see the funny side of life. It will make you stress-free and increase your likeability. Everyone likes a happy person. Develop a sense of humor, it is a very important part of communication skills. You can do it by watching comedy serials and reading books. Crack jokes with your friends which are not intended to insult them. It will give you confidence to crack jokes with strangers.

Your people skills develop your personality

Meet new people- This is the most important part of your personality development. New people impact your personality a lot and you learn new things from new people. When you meet new people, you feel nervous and uncomfortable while talking to them. But when you spend some time with them you become comfortable. It happens every time when you meet someone new, so it keeps your mind working. With time and by meeting more and more people you lose this nervousness and get more comfortable in meeting people. Expand your network, remember-

Network is Networth

Learn to deal with People– You not only have to meet people but you also have to deal with them so why not do it like a pro. The very basic thing you need to learn about people is that no one likes criticism and if you criticize people ( even if they are wrong), they will justify themselves and will not commit there mistake. So try to avoid criticism as much as you can, let people feel there mistake, that would be more impactful.

 Compliments are another tool you can use to win people. But remember compliments should not be fake, they should be genuine. Because fake compliments can be easily understood by intelligent people. It will do no good to you in the long run.

Greet everyone with a smile– If you are feeling shy about approaching someone. You are unable to gather the courage to talk to that person, a simple smile can do wonders for you. Give smile to that person, you will get a clue whether person is interested in talking to you or not.

Learning attitude– Learning new skills can improve your personality and can take it to another level. You should try to develop a learning attitude in yourself. It will not make you stagnant and you will be continuously learning and improving your life. To have a complete personality you can learn skills like dancing, singing, music, painting, public speaking, cooking, some other skills. To learn these you can take hobby classes. You can also take the help of YouTube ( in case you are tech-savvy).

Personal Branding– “Brands are the solution” and if that brand is you than what’s good than that? So you should try to create a personal brand out of your personality. You can do that with the help of the internet- Start writing blogs, Create your Youtube Channel. Use Social Media to market yourself and your skills, use different media channels to increase your popularity.

“Brands are the Solution”

Time Management- Time management is also an important skill that you should learn in order to improve your personality. We all have equal time in our hands but what differs successful people from unsuccessful people is time management. To manage your time well, be conscious of things, activities, and people who kill your time and are not productive. Avoid them to save time and increase your productivity.

Read books to expand your mind – when you read books, it expands your mind and develop your personality. Be open to knowledge because knowledge is power and it brings you a lot of fortunes. Expand, enhance and polish your knowledge as much as possible.

For personality development, you can read the self-help books. In the self-help category, you can read writers like Shiv Khera, Robin Sharma, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill. You can also read my blogs to develop your personality.

Put your phone down, Spend time with family and friends– Technology has made our life a lot easier. But it has also created a situation of social awkwardness in our daily life. Instead of meeting people and make them feel your presence; we prefer calling or messaging them to wish on festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. While doing some important work like having dinner or lunch, we are less attentive to that work. We are lost on our phone for the time being.

Sometimes there arises a situation of social awkwardness in a social gathering or while meeting or facing someone. Then instead of facing that situation and getting over it, we try to avoid it by picking out our phone from pocket and use it just to avoid that situation. Isn’t it? , so put your phone down and spend time with your family, friends and those uncomfortable people.

Identify and avoid bad habits – Our habits create our personality, so try that you have more good habits in comparison to bad habits. Identify your bad habits and eliminate them from your life and identify good habits and grow & enrich them so that they can bring a positive change in your personality and life.

Avoid TV and gossip– These are two stuff that takes and kills most of your time. TV is often called ‘Idiot Box’ because it actually makes you idiot and time spend on it is not productive. While gossiping you mostly talk negatively about someone which damages your relations and kills your time and Is not productive.

Set goals, ask why, plan, execute, fail, and achieve– Life without purpose is waste. We can say you are spending time and not living your life to the fullest. Find your purpose, set goals that give meaning to your life and add value to your life and society. Ask yourself why you want to achieve them?. Make plans to accomplish those goals, execute them, even if you fail initially. You should keep trying to achieve them and finally, you will achieve them.

Have a Mentor– You should find a mentor to improve your personality. He should possess expert knowledge of approaching personality improvement and can guide you in the process thorough his expert knowledge. Your mentor can be some of your friends, relatives, YouTubers, celebrity or anyone whom you admire and inspires you.

Skills to improve your personality instantly

Face camera– Facing the camera and recording your videos can improve your public speaking skills a lot. It is safer to face the camera before facing the real audience. Because the camera will not make fun of you even if you do something awkward in front of it. It will improve your public speaking skills and body language at the same time.

 Learn public speaking and eliminate stage fear– Start taking initiative to improve your public speaking skills. For this, you can join classes, read books on public speaking, attend a seminar. Attend public functions where you get a chance to interact with people. According to some surveys, people have more fear of facing an audience on stage in comparison to fear of death. Remove this fear to improve your personality.

Approach people especially opposite gender- A key lesson you can take from this article to improve your personality within a few days is to start approaching new people, especially the opposite gender. If you visit a Hotel reception then instead of enquiring with Male receptionist talks to female receptionist (in case you are a male) and vice-versa (in case you are a female). You can make a rule of approaching at least three people a day. You will start seeing changes in your personality within a few days.

Say ‘yes’ to every Invitation and host parties- If you are an introvert and want to change your personality then start accepting most of the invitation you get. Attend social gatherings, it will make you extrovert and enhance your personality. You can also host parties for your friends and relatives and this way you can remove your social awkwardness.

 Earn money and learn to manage money– Earning money is very important for you to be independent. It gives you the confidence to face the world and fulfill your desires which ultimately improve your personality. Earning money is not enough for a happy life, you also need to learn to manage it. Invest accordingly to increase its value.

To conclude

To improve the external aspect you should mainly focus on looking good. At the same time work on your inner personality. Love yourself and embrace positive self-talk, remove self-doubt, choose friends wisely. Make a good impression on people you meet, retain and maintain your relations. Don’t lose your individuality, Have good manners, keep your promises and don’t leak secrets of others. Don’t worry about people judging you and don’t judge others too. Be open-minded and accept anything for good.

Travel more and learn more, meet more and more people. Have refreshing and variety in life and start enjoying it to have an impressive personality.

Author: Prabhanshu Sharma